Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Jazz of Mine"

This is my dog, Jasmine. She was soaking up the sunshine this past summer, someting that can be almost non-existent here sometimes. Today, for example, it is about 9 am and it is dark and dreary outside, a good day to curl up on the couch, close to the fire, and read a good book until your eyes can't stay open any more. That is what "Jazz" usually does, aside from the book of course, and she isn't allowed on the couch either so she sleeps these days away on her bed next to the wood stove. When the weather isn't so dreary, she loves to run around outside on three legs. She lost one of them in an encounter with a car 4 years ago. She doesn't seem to mind too much, in fact I'm fairly certain she has forgotten all about ever having four legs. She still runs, jumps, and does summersaults. She can sit or lay down for a dog biscuit, but she does have a difficult time when it comes to "shake". We tell her she "doesn't have a leg to stand on" but actually she is doing pretty good! I think she is just thankful to have three good legs and to be alive. I wonder if I could be so gracious should God remove something so near and dear to my life.


  1. mom will never see this cause im posting it in july.

  2. Mom see this because her email says it's there. :)

  3. Don't start a fight now!