Saturday, November 09, 2013


It was a cold morning. I zipped my winter coat against the stinging rain and pulled my hands up inside my sleeves. Saturday is my day to run errands and I set out early this morning; library, bank, drug store, K Mart, Kohls, Old Navy, Target, Hobby Lobby, Wegmans. No craft sale for me today (although I did think about it, because it's on my Fallish List. Maybe next week...) and no antique shop browsing.

I arrived home a little after 2pm to find My Darling raking leaves. No more pretty bronze carpet... *sigh* I helped him load piles of leaves onto tarps and drag them to the garden. After loading one particularly big pile onto the sheet of plastic, I turned around and dropped backward into it's fluffiness and breathed the aroma of autumn. I'll probably pay for it with a headache, but it was nice just the same. Nothing beats the smell of fall.

I am presently in the midst of cooking pizza dough and making pies for tomorrow. A family gathering is planned in honor of our youngest son who is turning 20 on Veteran's Day. Please pray for Ben as he got some kind of acid on/in his mouth at work yesterday. It is causing him considerable pain and he has gone off to the ER/Urgent Care with his dad to have it checked out. Somehow I think he might not be eating pizza tomorrow...

They have returned. :0)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day with errands and raking leaves! I don't remember the last time I jumped into a pile! It's been decades!

    Poor Ben! Better have yogurt and ice cream on hand for the birthday boy!