Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ready or Not

I'm not ready.


The weekend is about to ... end. I am not quite ready to get up early and start all over again, but that is exactly what I will do tomorrow morning, because that is what needs to be done. Most Mondays are quiet and relaxed. Most Mondays are "catch-up" days. Tomorrow is not one of those Mondays because there will be small children here and they are certain to make the day anything but quiet and relaxed. That is a child's job, to cause noise and chaos, and most of them do it well.

Hannah and I are waiting to hear from the farm where M. is staying. We are hoping that one day soon we will be permitted to make a visit. This weekend the owner was away at a HS so we couldn't, but there is hope and we are hoping for sometime this week. We are counting the positives, one of them being he is no longer an hour away, but just fifteen or twenty minutes instead. Another that we know he is being well taken care of. Hannah misses him.

I am finished giving my mom weekly B12 injections. We both survived! Now there will be just one shot per week for 4 weeks and then once a month for the remained of the injections. Maybe I really should have taken up a career as a nurse... Nah, maybe not.

I played the Facebook game where a friend gives a number and the receiver has to write so many "unknown" facts about him/herself. I said I wanted to be an eccentric when I grow up and I'm still thinking about it. I asked James if it would be alright if I let my eccentric out and he said "as long as it doesn't tear up the back yard." I'm still thinking about that too.

It's Sunday night and my tummy is getting hungry. There's some leftover ham steak in the fridge and it's calling me. I think perhaps I will answer.


  1. My Mondays are usually quiet, but not tomorrow. I have SSI updates at the local office and a stop at the bank and the weekly grocery. At least there won't be a bunch of little kids around my knees. haha...hope you survive!

    love the photo...

    1. I will survive! (Kind of reminds me of a song...)

  2. My Monday will be dropping off Don's car for a service, and then a trip to Costo...Mother Hubbards cupboards are bare...didn't shop much before I left on the trip, cause Don doesn't cook much...haha.
    I won't have any little children around me either, but I wish I had Tristan with me.

    1. We'll have four little punkins. Too many to drag out on errands. Sure is windy outside! I think we'll probably stay in.