Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little Bit Nutty

(Yes, that green thing is a black walnut...)

It's been a wild week already and it's only Tuesday.
We celebrated Ben's birthday Sunday afternoon with pizza that he couldn't eat, pie, and ice cream. He didn't eat much of anything actually. His mouth is full of sores brought on by a work related injury. A bit of wire wheel acid in the mouth is not good...
Yesterday I stayed home and attempted to get my house in order, at least the kitchen and living room. I did okay, but nothing stays put for long. I'm sure you know how that is. I had a lesson in giving injections (oh, fun! read sarcasm) and will soon be adding that to my list of Mom chores. I did it myself today, with supervision, and we both survived.
This morning I did my civic duty and went to the county courthouse with my jury summons. I was not selected and my name was never called which means I am free to take Mom to the eye doctor tomorrow because both he and she are still "this side of the grass". (His words not mine.)
And now I am off to my monthly caregivers support group.
Never a dull moment, or at least rarely.


  1. We celebrated a Birthday on Sunday as well...
    With Pizza as well!!
    Glad you didn't get picked...I went once...didn't get picked...after 4 long days...groan.
    You are a wonderful daughter to your Mom...♥
    Cold..dark...chilly here as well...
    Enjoy your evening...

    Linda :o)

    1. I found the jury selection process very interesting and am curious as to how the court case will proceed, but since I don't have to be there, I won't be, and I will be grateful to take Mom to see the eye doctor tomorrow. He's 94 years old now.

  2. Side note... On your to do list for fall, you have six check marks next to make pie. But I don't remember seeing one... ;)

    1. Well, my darling, where have you been? We must get together for pie one day.