Saturday, November 30, 2013

Old Toys and Little Boys

This morning we had a couple of small visitors. They came to play with Grammy while little sister went to see the doctor. (She has croup...) I decided to get out the blocks and wooden train set. "I didn't know you had trains," one of them said. I probably have other things they don't know or have forgotten about, but today we stuck to the train set and a big box of building blocks.


  1. Very fun! We collect Brio ever since Taylor's first birthday. Now it's waiting some day grandkids. ha.

    1. My mom started buying TCTimber tracks when Jim was about 2 years old. (They don't make trains anymore.) They fit with the Brio tracks which she had a collection of. One of my grandkids has the old, old set now. I think maybe Josh and Jake. My sister handed them down so I can't remember now. The Brio set we had was started over forty years ago.

    2. PS. You are going to have adorable grandchildren one day. :0)