Saturday, January 19, 2013

Martha's Day Off

I went out alone today. Not even Hannah was with me. It was a highly unusual occurr- ence. I decided to wander about, lollygag in second hand shops, and take my own sweet time in the grocery store. My gallivanting took me to Webster and around Irondequoit Bay, and today I had my camera along with no one to tell me I should put it away or look at me funny when I took it out.

I stopped into both Volun- teers of America and Goodwill. It was "pink tag" day at Goodwill. I found some lovely coffee mugs, but they had purple tags. Still, they were calling my name and somehow hopped into my cart even though they weren't 50% off. They brought a friendly creamer along as well as a book called "Chrysanthemum".

I found nothing too exciting in the antique shop, just that Fisher Price chicken that caught my eye and left me smiling over a year ago. I did like the two little dogs who were running about and greeting customers, but they weren't for sale.

The antique shop took me to the south end of the bay. Since I'd thought about stopping at the other end, up by the lake, my picture taking started across from All That Jazz. Along the way I took a little detour down a couple of the old roads that twist and turn their way down to the bay shore and found myself not far from the bridge over the bay. It seems not so long ago that Dad took us out in the boat and we went right under it. It was pretty impressive to a four or five year old.

I finally made it up to the lake where the water looked blue green due to the waves. It reminded me of the ocean. Thankfully, it was a rather mild day. Though it wasn't too cold, walking along the pier alone is really not my idea of fun, and the bread I had in the car to feed the birds had grown moldy. I didn't stay long.

I drove across the bridge and past the burned out foundations where the two firefighters died on Christmas eve morning and back into Webster. I think it will always be hard to drive that section of road, and yet perhaps it is good to remember too.

After my stop at the grocery store, I stopped at a second Goodwill where I found just what I was looking for, a dark blue pullover sweatshirt, and guess what? It had a pink tag!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad wonderful little treasures hopped into your cart! :)

    It's good to get out alone, without a time schedule, and meander about. We rush about too much, don't you think?

    1. I do. I am always feeling rushed for one reason or another, so it was very nice to go out and relax.

  2. The other day when I did just that, My Wanda Day, I just loved it. I want to do it again soon. Wish I had a lake to drive too.

    Martha what a delight tour...I loved that you shared it. Felt like I was there.

    1. If I'd been a little braver, or had a companion, I might have gotten out of the van a little more often. It was a nice day. I think I'll do again sometime. :)

  3. sounds like a nice outing.
    I wonder what it is about Goodwill - I have the same thing. If I know it is "yellow tag day" I am very disappointed that the items I want are all green or blue tags. I'll even put things back... But WHY? Isn't $4.99 a great price for a pair of almost-new jeans? Is it ONLY a deal for $2.50? :)

    1. Stacy, I want to know what has happened to all the actual "thrift" stores that used to be. I'm not real keen on garage sales. I guess for now I could choose to be happy with my Goodwill deals. You're right, they really aren't so bad.

  4. Sounds like the most perfect day, Martha...
    I am glad you got out and about...
    Your camera was free to do whatever you wanted it to do...
    Cheers for thrift shops!!!

  5. I love a good garage sale... but you don't know if it is good or not until you park the car, and get up there. I like neighborhood garage sales, myself.

    And I LOVE Goodwill. ♥
    I'm so glad there are so many more right now. The one in Webster is nice. Did you ever try Savers?