Thursday, January 10, 2013

3X Thursday

I decided to steal Kristina's game this week. Since I don't know where she collects her questions, I stole those too. But I found my own photograph. :)

1. What are three names you go by, other than your given name

2. What’s your favorite item of clothing?

3. What’s your favorite kind of gum?


  1. Ok, I'll play...
    1. Annie, Sunshine, Angel
    2. Fuzzy socks!
    3. All gum...I always have 3-4 different kinds in my purse at all times.

    Your turn!

  2. 1. Mom, Grammy, and Mart Once upon a time I was called "Plotty" and in high school several of my friends called me "Bert."

    2. I love my blue jeans.

    3. Cinnamon, though I rarely buy it. I'm usually buying it for everyone else.

  3. Sweet! In that case I will copy and paste my answers. I steal the questions from stealingsundaydotblogspotdotcom.

    I don't really have nicknames. I answer to Kris, and Kristine (although I hate being called Kristine). My nieces call me au'kris. I think that's funny kinda like au gratin.

    I love my Saturday sweater- just a big old cozy sweater, too worn out to wear in public.

    I like cinnamon the best, too. I like any kind of mint. I draw the line at fruity or dessert flavors.

  4. 1. Honey, Rachie Baby, Mom

    2.I love my jeans, all of them. The last top I buy is usually my favorite for a while. Right now it's a button down cardigan from Victoria's Secret.

    3. Layers Apple/Pineapple or Layers Cherry/Lime

  5. 1. Harney,Nana,Din-Din...
    2. Leggings...
    3. Not a gum chewer...sticks to my teeth...

    Linda :o)

  6. 1. Betty, Booth and Babe

    2. red shoes

    3. Wintergreen

  7. 1. Mom, Hon, Mr. B

    2. Flannel pjs

    3. Teaberry

  8. 1. Ruthie, mum, sweety

    2. A blue skirt a friend made for me. So pretty and comfy.

    3. I don't chew gum, and I don't think we have many flavours in Australia. I haven't heard of many of the flavours mentioned. By gum, you mean something you chew for a while and then throw out?

    1. Yes, chewing gum. I said I like cinnamon, but the mint flavors are what we usually buy. I suppose we use them mostly as breath freshener. Hard candies would do the job too (or lollies.)