Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee Anyone?

My stop in Goodwill yesterday found me staring at coffee cups. My husband thinks I have a "problem" when it comes to coffee cups. He thinks our cupboard has too many in it. I think we just need a bigger cupboard... or maybe some handy dandy hooks from which to hang our nifty coffee cups.

However, the cups I found myself gazing at yesterday were not the ordinary, everyday kind. They look just like my favorite coffee cup. Of course, they weren't wearing the magic pink ticket, but still $2 seemed a good price. I didn't take all seven, just a nice set of four (or two sets of two). If nothing else, they'll make nice gifts for someone. :)

I wonder what else I could pack in the box?

I'm wearing my "pink tag" sweatshirt today. It's nice and comfy and says "Miracle Mountain Ranch" on the front and is dark navy blue. I like it. It's a keeper. Last night I sat down to read the book I purchased for $.99, a nice hardcover copy of "Chrysanthemum". What a cute story! I think i know just why my sister recommended it to me years back and I think Petra will like it too. And finally, a little creamer caught my attention. I've acquired a nice little collection of those. They live on my repurposed table leaf shelves and hold things like wildflower bouquets and leftover candy canes, and I like them.


  1. Very nice! I love the mugs (I have an entire cupboard shelf full) and those look like a nice size and weight. Drinking coffee is a full experience, including what you're drinking out of! haha.

    I have a thing for creamers and pitchers, too...they are hard to pass up.

    You had a fun day and found some great little items, I think!

  2. OK, now I know the three of us needs to go Thrift Shopping together. Don is as bad as me in the "mug" department, and just the other day he found a "glass mug" his favorite that had etched on the glass "Find the JOY within". I love pottery mugs too, and yours are so cute. I love books, and little creamers..Three peas in a pod!! Love you gals.

  3. Martha do the cups have any markings on the bottom? They remind me of pottery I have seen in Louisville, KY
    area years ago.

    1. They are Pfaltzgraff pattern but I can't recall the name. There is another pattern called Rio with the same shape. They feel really nice in my hand. :)

  4. I was think of Hadley Pottery.
    Thanks for checking.

  5. I also have a "thing" for creamers...
    I am thinking of another post on the newer ones that I have gotten recently...
    Your mugs look great...I can't stand wimpy mugs!! But they look nice and heavy...and a great color too!!!

    Linda :o)

  6. I love the mugs and I love Chrysanthemum! Check out Kevin Henkes' other picture books too. He writes some other good ones. Other favorites include Julius, Baby of the World, A Weekend with Wendell, Owen and Wemberly Worried.