Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind the Times

I just now realized my last post is from yester- day... Yes, I am blond, and it has been a rather busy week. My little darling, in spite of her relapse on Wednesday, is doing a wonderful job on potty training. I think the worst of it is behind us now. (Potty training posts don't appear very popular, so this will be the last I post on this particular venture)

My diet took a little detour this week when I made a batch of gluten free bagels. Those carbs sneaked back in when I let down my guard, but tomorrow is another day. I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup for dinner tonight and was able to enjoy a slice of soft, fresh bread and peanut butter along with it. Soon I will be back to lean meats and veggies again. The water consumption is still going along pretty well even if I do still like my coffee. What I really need is to get off my hinder and do something.


  1. yum...soup sounds delish. That's what we had, too...but I didn't make any bread..yours looks wonderful!

    1. The bread was too good. ;)
      I'll definitely make some more but not anytime too soon.