Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Week

It's been an unusual week. We lost our internet cable and were without internet access and telephone service for a few days. The cable was literally snapped and dangling down the side oft he house. We had to wait for the repairman to come out in the sub-zero windchill to fix it yesterday afternoon. I felt bad for him but he did have a nice facewarmer thing to wear. Sofie found it rather distressing and let us know she was not liking it, but all she could do was bark and whine from inside the house. Stupid dog.

Ben's car is giving him grief again. He took my van to work Tuesday and Wednesday which left me staying home from Ladies' Prayer and Bible Study on Tuesday. I was more distressed at missing that than being without my van, phone or internet. I will miss it again next week when I take Mom to the ophthalmologist.

Today I have my van and James took Ben to work, or at least to meet someone else who would take him from Webster. I am taking Mom to the Hearing Center. Hopefully they can give me some pointers on how to keep her hearing aides from screeching and squealing randomly throughout the day. I don't know why they don't make noise at Rachel's house and are incessantly noisy here,

It's been rather cold outside this week thanks to a cold, Canadian air mass that descended upon us early Sunday morning. I could complain about the frigid temperatures, but then again Minnesota is much colder than us and so I will refrain. Instead I I shall be grateful for warm clothes, a working furnace, and the woodpile on my back porch. You already know I am thankful for coffee.

Finally, please pray for my nephew Shane who was friends with the young man in Albuquerque. Tragedies of this magnitude are hard enough for adults to wrap their minds around. My heart is grieved for my family members who are personal friends of the family. So much of this story mirrors the tragedy here a year ago that I find myself inexplicably introspective.

Last Saturday we had no snow. Sunday and Monday we had no snow. Yesterday and today have found us back in the throes of winter. Everything is clean and white.

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  1. Praying for all your requests, Martha. Looks bitterly cold there. Stay toasty.