Friday, April 22, 2011

The Unexpected

Sometimes treasures are expected and other times they take one completely by surprise. Priscilla and I took a look up in the attic at Mom's house today. We pulled out a lot of garbage and inhaled a load of dust. (Does anyone else out there have the propensity to collect empty shoe boxes?) I have to admit there were only a few items of real interest to either one of us, but we did find a few things to laugh at and a few things to carry home.

Priscilla pulled this painting out of the darkness and we found it to be a piece of my grandmother's artwork. This makes a total of four paintings, three of which are in the possession of our cousin, John. My grandma's sisters, Harriet (here and here) and Margaret (here and here) were also painters. My dad was an artist in his own right and we spent many winter evenings gathered around the family dinner table both drawing ourselves and watching him draw. Mom drew with us too, she once took an art class with my grandma, so I guess it's not at all surprising that we love to paint and draw too... maybe I ought to keep those craft paints after all...


  1. My goodness, a house full of artists...What a nice family tradition.

  2. Well, that was worth a trip into the dusty attic!

    Happy Easter!

  3. You quit the fort...don't quit your artwork too!

  4. It has been an interesting and exhausting weeks. I love finding surprises, especially artwork and things written.

    Yes, Betsy, it was worth the trip.

    Priscilla, deep inside I never really "quit the fort." :)