Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Six "flowers" today... While five took naps, Lucas (who doesn't take naps) and I played Play-Do. He was quite fascinated and we spent about an hour and a half cutting, rolling, flattening, and squeezing colors at the little green table in the kitchen. "It's not to eat!" he told me over and over. Play-Do is new to him and he had so much fun. He didn't even taste it! What a good boy!!!

The "garden " was just winding down for the day when Josh arrived to eat supper with us. His daddy came to get him, but he'll be back to play some more tomorrow.

I haven't had much time for reading blogs or leaving comments lately, and I didn't manage to get out and buy or make a card for my mom today. It was my dad's birthday, and though he's been on my heart and mind, the day somehow slipped up on me and got away before I had a chance to savor the memories. I still miss him everyday and although she seldom mentions him, I know that Mom does too.

PS. Don't miss my ABC Wednesday post below...


  1. I can't believe how big they are both getting! your flowers are growing up.

  2. She always reminisces about Dad at some time during our visit to see Tim.

    I love all the talking that Lucas does now...cute!

    Josh looks like quite the stud with his hair like that, haha!