Friday, February 13, 2009

More Family Artwork

This is a painting done by my grandmother. I asked my dad if he had any information on it but he had little to offer aside from the fact that it once hung in my grandparent's kitchen and he had always liked it. He once told my grandpa that he wanted to have it someday, but Grandpa didn't remember and gave it to one of my cousins. John did offer to give it back to my father, but Dad said no, he was happy to have it in the hands of someone who cared. So, it is still in the family, well loved and taken care of, and my cousin was kind enough to take a picture and email it to me. There are two other paintings as well but this is definitely the prettiest. Grandma didn't consider herself to be the artist that her two sisters were, but I think she did a wonderful job.

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  1. Martha you are faster than a speeding bullet.... You post faster than I can comment!!!!

    Love your family artwork! How special that you have it!