Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That Tulip of Mine

Let us hold fast the confession of [our] hope without wavering, for He who promised [is] faithful.
Hebrews 10:23

Once upon a time I had a beautiful salmon colored tulip in the garden by my back porch. Each spring she came to life and bloomed ahead of all the other tulips. Her delicate shape and color drew me in and I found myself smiling each time I passed her way.

Unfortunately I was not the only one to pass the way of the tulip. Stepped on by dogs and children, sat upon by cats, and otherwise plagued by trauma, the little flower began to show signs of utter distress. Made to grow and bloom, the little blossom struggled to keep up and I knew unless I intervened her life would soon be over.

One day, in desperation, I found a shovel, dug up my little friend, and moved her to another little garden a little bit farther off the beaten path where purple chives and smiling daffodils grow. I loosened the soil, dug deep, and placed her near a rock so I could find her in years to come. And then, I hoped for the best.

Last spring, if she grew, I must have missed her and thought for sure the move had been too much. However, this spring I remembered to check her place and found her with her fingers crossed, doing what she was made to do. And look! She even has a stem!


  1. What a beautiful color! I'm so glad to hear that it survived being relocated.

  2. Me too. Now if only it can survive the crazy weather. :)

  3. Crazy is right. The weather lately has been so strange. Hope it straightens itself out soon. :)