Saturday, January 30, 2010

Arctic Air

The last few days have been exceptionally cold. Though it is my preference to stay inside my nice cozy den when the temperatures are in the single digits, I put on my warm mittens and went out to face the world today. We were in dire need of a few essentials, like milk and toilet paper... The roads were clear and once the van warmed up the ride was quite pleasant.

I have not been taking many pictures lately so this evening I give you a couple of paintings done by my great Aunt Margaret, one of my father's artist aunts. They seemed fitting on such a cold and wintry day. Aunt Margaret is now about 96 years old. She has outlived all 10 of her brothers and sisters. I wish she was still able to converse and tell us about the days of her childhood, but age has taken its toll and her mind is no longer clear.

Time is a funny thing. When we are young it seems as though the world will continue to go on just as it is, that our friends and family will always be available, that the places we know and love will always remain. By the time we come to grips with reality, we have often lost our best opportunity to learn from those in whose steps we follow and to take in the beauty that surrounds us even if it is cold and wintry.


  1. We are now down to 2 degrees Fahrenheit. My mouse hand is feeling cold and stiff. I think I shall go enjoy some time in front of a crackling fire. :)

  2. Your mouse is cold and stiff... such a graphic picture those words paint.
    on his back with his stiff little paws in the air.

  3. Judi, she said mouse "hand".

    It's a heat wave out there today...19 degrees! It actually does feel better than yesterday. We hunkered down for a movie with our boys on such a frigid night. It was nice and cozy inside. :)

  4. mouse hand gets cold and stiff, too!

    Your Aunt Margaret is quite talented! I have a thing for beautiful. We're freezing, too...but the skies are amazingly blue and clear.

  5. Those are wonderful pictures Martha!

  6. I find that to be so very sad about Aunt Margaret being too old to talk about things... Paul's grandfather was born in 1885 and he lived to be 95. He remembered the days when an orange in the toe of one's Christmas stocking was like gold... I wish I wish I wish I could go back in time and talk to him more....I guess wisdom comes with age, so Martha, we are smartening up. ha.

  7. By the way, where did you get some of Aunt Margaret's paintings?

  8. Yes, Della, we are smartening up for sure!

    Rachel, I took these pictures of her paintings when I visited her with Mom and Dad. Back then she was just a little confused, but she showed us her paintings. One hung in the dining hall at the nursing home where she lives.

    Judi, you are too funny.