Saturday, April 16, 2011

And Now He is One

It was time for another cele- bration and so we gathered with Dave and Leta for a birthday party. This time the star of the show was Simon. I'm pretty sure his favorite part of the afternoon was eating cake, but he had a lot of fun running around with the other kids and collecting hugs and kisses from aunts and grandmas too.

Running about and eating cake is hard work for a little guy who's missed his morning nap, but he was a good sport anyway. While the festivities were winding down he found a warm and comfy spot on Grandma Nora's lap, drank a bottle of milk, and went to sleep.

(I was a good girl today, avoided the cake, and instead settled for a bowl of vanilla ice cream with maple syrup here at home tonight.)


  1. How cute. I have a picture of Myk at one with that same chocolate face...Makes a really cute picture.

    They grow up so fast don't they Martha?

  2. Looks like he had a fun day. Happy 1st Birthday Simon!

  3. Aww...everyone has to get the cake face picture!

    Happy #1!

  4. He is so cute, what a great kid. Seems that he had a lot of fun on there.