Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Many Hands

"Many hands make light work."

I am blessed to have help while working over at Mom's house this week. What a torturous, heartbreaking job it would be without the love and support of family. While James makes repairs and renovations, my sisters and I sort and pack into boxes. (I literally groaned while packing my dad's dripolator coffee pots into a box this afternoon.) Hannah helped James choose paint colors a week or so ago and today Rachel painted bedroom ceilings. We end each day early, near to 4 o'clock, yet tired. Hannah has been able to spend time with friends and cousins on this week off school and keep her grandma company while I am out. Tomorrow I will stay home to play with my grandsons and catch up with some at home jobs.

I find I am able to complete most jobs without an emotional breakdown, but refuse to think too far down the road. I know inside that we are working toward selling our childhood home, and yet can't really enter that realm yet. One job at a time... I've also left my camera either at home or in the car, unsure as to whether I really want to document this process.


  1. Even though that's a tough job, I'm sure the before and after results will be very satisfying. How nice that you're all working together on it!

    had to laugh at those old coffee pots!

  2. Trying to laugh a lot keeps the emotions in far. I felt that we got a lot accomplished today. I love you guys!