Saturday, April 30, 2011


Creation is full of promises. I glimpsed several as I traversed the yard this afternoon. Tiny folded flowers in germ form. In a few short weeks the scent of lilacs will fill the air. I will breathe deep, sneeze often, and drink in their beauty in spite of my allergies. (I love lilacs...)

Embryonic Sassafras leaves caught my eye. Rolled into marble sized capsules, ready to explode into the sunlight. Why have I never noticed them before?

Dandelions, "Summer on a Stem." Weeds to one, flowers to another. Though I am not a fan of stalky dandelion stems poking though my freshly mowed lawn in July, I do find them cheery in April. They mean summer is not far off, or at least I like to think so. Either way in April they always make me smile.

I wandered out to the blueberry patch. Tightly packaged and barely noticeable today. Their tiny, bell-shaped flowers never put on much of a show and I wouldn't even know the canes were starting to bud if I hadn't ventured down to look.

Promises... every one of them working hard to be all the Creator intended. (Have I said this before? Well, I've thought it anyway...) Do trees and flowers feel pain or sorrow as they grow and are stretched? Do they ever tire of going through the same process year after year? It doesn't appear so. Why is it so hard then for us?


  1. I love these early signs of spring! I have been enjoying my very fragrant Hyacinth flowers in my front garden. I am suffering somewhat with allergies, but spring is so beautiful!

    I need to come over and visit now that I have my car back.

  2. These early signs of spring are a gift to be added to the journal, yes?

  3. Yes, Wanda, they are. :)

    Rachel, I'll put the kettle on.

  4. Lovely! The flowering tree outside my window in the kitchen (in my header photo) was still in the embryonic stage last night. This morning it's in full bloom! I think it did it just for May Day. ha.

  5. I am going to start calling you Ann. Do you find yourself speaking in poetry more often these days? :)

  6. Bethany, you are funny. But I do find myself thinking of her when it happens.