Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunset Over Teal Lake

The sky sure was pretty the other night... We had some rain here Wednesday evening which produced a beautiful double rainbow and an equally gorgeous sunset. The pictures Hannah took actually make our backyard puddle look nice. As nice as it is to look at in photographs, the warm weather is beginning to stagnate the water and it is time for Teal Lake to go, hopefully for good...

Last night, after dinner, a friend of James came by with a handy, dandy piece of digging equipment. Together they started digging a trench from the edge of Teal Lake toward the drainage ditch on the east side of our property. James told me the water was gushing through the trench last night and the water level was noticeably lower this morning.

Maybe one day there will be something beautiful behind our barns, something other than a flooded piece of property. (That is not our house over there...)

Unfortunately, there is someone who will be less than pleased at the draining of Teal Lake.


  1. Wow! gorgeous sunset picture. Too bad the lake is's actually very pretty there. You fine feathered friend is just going to have find some new water to inhabit. :)

  2. Wow! I didn't know what you guys had been up to! Poor Mr. (Mrs.) Goosey... Dad will be so relieved when there is no more lake problem.

    But it did sure look pretty in those pictures. :)