Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pulling the Plug

Just two days ago the west side of our yard looked like this. It's difficult to tell by looking just how deep the water is, but it's not very deep. Deep enough for a few ducks and a pair of geese to swim about, but not deep enough to be a pond instead of a puddle. It's good for night peepers, polliwogs, and breeding mosquitoes, but bad for growing grass. And it's starting to stink besides.

This is what the same spot looks like today. The grass is struggling, some of it is brown and dead, but some is lush and green too. My goose friend is out there hiding in the grass ( a little to the left of that tree). I wonder if she has a nest? And the robins are having a field day running back and forth in the mud.

Here's my friend the goose laying low and keeping her head down... kinda.


  1. Excellent progress, I would say!!!

  2. I came back thinking you had a new post. Just a new title;-)

  3. too bad the cost of fixing it is so outrageous.. you look on the good side of everything.. well, your public personality does :)

  4. Judi, I'm trying. Trying to be thankful in all things, though I'm just as cranky as the next guy some days.