Thursday, April 07, 2011

Into the Fog

Late this morning I took two small boys outside to enjoy the sunshine and fair weather. It wasn't exactly "warm" but it was nice and the little guys enjoyed running around. They got out the toy lawn mower and a little plastic wagon, ran in and out of "Hannah's Place," and helped me pick up sticks in the yard. It really was a gorgeous morning.

We spent close to an hour outside before I dragged the boys back inside for lunch. They would have preferred to stay outside, but I knew if the girls came home before we went in, lunch might never happen. I secretly planned to take the girls out after the boys went down for a nap. We ate lunch, picked up toys, and read a couple of stories from "James' Harriot's Treasury for Children, and I settled the girls down to "rest" for a few minutes."

At about 2 o'clock my sister arrived to take Mom out to see my brother, and she asked about the fog outside. I thought it was smoke from a fire I seen in the orchard. We went ouside to find the temperature had dropped drastically and every puddle in the yard and surrounding area was emitting clouds of vapor. I tried to take a picture of the cold but that is somewhat hard to do.

In spite of the cold, I found the scene quite pretty. We donned mittens and zipped up our jackets. The girls ran about the yard laughing and calling out to each other. They tried out the swings, took a run around the barn, and checked out "Hannah's Place." I picked up a second wheelbarrow full of sticks, snapped some pictures, and when the boys woke up, we took them back outside too.

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  1. We had a day like that, too....well, not that really cool fog, but the almost warm temps and sunshine!

    Those pictures are so neat!