Wednesday, September 01, 2010

East Bay and Blogger Friends

"Blogger friends" is probably a little bit misleading in this instance as I known both of these ladies for several years. They, however, know each other through blogging and a little help from a mutual friend... Heather was in town for the week and wanted to meet Sherri. Sherri was out of town for the week, but still wanted to meet Heather. I wanted to meet Sherri's new baby, Zade, who I found to be absolutely adorable! Luckily Sherri was not too far out of town. Heather and I took a ride to where Sherri and her family are taking a little vacation. It didn't take too long and it turned out to be a nice ride. (Of course, I am partial to apple orchards and anything having to do with Lake Ontario.)

I had expected to take Josh along with me, but today found me also with Simon and Lucas in tow. It was not too relaxing, but I did get to visit and drink a glass or two of lemonade between playing referee to Josh and Lucas and changing dirty diapers. I don't mind too much, really, and it did make the trip interesting. Heather helped keep Lucas from jumping off the dock and into the bay and Sherri's husband kept him from running down the boat ramp and into the water.

Josh discovered a "callerpitter" which he decided to yell at. I don't know quite what he expected it to do. It wasn't going too far with the bay on one side and a noisy boy on the other. I was surprised to find what looked to me like a monarch caterpillar instead of a woolly bear or inchworm. I didn't see any milkweed for the little critter to eat either.

It was a nice visit but I'm pretty sure Caleb and Joel were breathing a sigh of relief when I finally headed out the door and back to the van. Both Josh and Lucas were crying after a "slight" altercation at the door. Josh was afraid Lucas was going to escape and made a valiant attempt to thwart his efforts. I'm afraid that in the process Lucas may have either gotten pinched a little bit or else battle fatigue had finally caught up with him. It was more than he could take and he was still crying when I packed him into the van. Less than a mile down the road, with a Binky in his mouth, he was sound asleep.

Now the house is quiet. Simon and Lucas have gone home and Josh is off to Grandma Jo's for a few days of fun there before his mom and dad come home from Minnesota.


  1. I am so glad you are you and I am me. I tired just reading about this adventure.

  2. Wow!! I'm so excited...that is the first monarch caterpillar I've seen this year...I think something is eating the eggs, because I've watched many butterflies this year, but have not seen any caterpillars on my milkweed. I look almost every day...none! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a full nights sleep is in store for you after this day! :-) Pam

  3. Sounds like a great day! I wish I could've tagged along too. But we're having fun with Jim here. :)

  4. Martha, you just know how to have a good time.

    I love the pictures. Josh is just so cute, and can look at his picture forever.

  5. The adventures at Grandma's! How fun! What a lovely caterpiller!

  6. Judi, I am tired reading about it too! :)

    Pam, I've been watching at home but haven't seen any either. I do have to admit, though, I haven't been looking very hard. Maybe Austin can help you find some.

    Next time, Beth.

    Wanda and Christine, I had a good time, but Josh kept telling me he was ready to go back to my house.

  7. Martha, it was such a fun visit! I was so excited to meet Sherri and her crew and I always love spending time with my friend Martha! Josh telling you he was ready to leave was so funny and the yelling at the caterpillar;-)

  8. Heather, next time we must do lunch!

  9. Heather, did you find the other photos?