Saturday, September 04, 2010

Who Turned Off the Heat?

Yesterday's high temperature was about 95 degrees, or so I am told. It was hot and felt like mid-July. It was the perfect day for walking in the cool waters of a creek. The water was refreshing yesterday, today it would send a chill into my bones. I am grateful we had the chance to go while the weather was still hot. This evening I had to give in and find myself a pair of socks. I had already donned a fleece jacket but there is something about bare feet that makes the whole body cold.

So, while walking back down the creek, Ben decided to look for some crayfish. He found one, a big one, but it was none too lively, in fact it was dead. He looks like a granddaddy crayfish! I wonder where the rest of his family was hiding? Probably under a rock praying that no one would step on it and crush them to death.

We weren't the only ones walking the creek yesterday. There were plenty of others taking advantage the cool water and shadowy woods.

I brought my mom home for a few hours this afternoon. It was nice to have her here.


  1. Wish I had been with you. I didn't leave the house today. It's really hot. Made potato salad, and ran outside long enough to put the chicken breasts on the grill....
    We ate inside. PTL for AC.

    Love your pictures...

  2. Can you believe it? I was cold today! I didn't pull out the jeans, but I did have a cup of hot tea and put on some socks! :)

  3. I broke down and wore socks today too. Chilly day, but I liked it. :)