Thursday, May 31, 2018

Baby Steps

Moving forward can appear slow and tedious, but when I turn around and see how far I've traveled, the road feels a little bit more smooth and sure. I've been watching little ones learn to walk this year. The babies who started with us back in August and September are standing on their own and will soon take off unassisted. It's amazing to watch. What was once impossible becomes unstoppable. It's part of the program.

When I met with my friend the other day, it was my intention to hear her complaint, not to air mine. While validating previous her dissatisfaction, I did make a feeble attempt explain a small piece of why I'd not met up with her expectations, but I did not in any way try to set in place the boundaries I should have erected/upheld years ago. They were completely absent at the time, and though she should have known better, the fault for them not being in place was mine, not hers. Along with seeing where I failed her, is seeing where I shortchanged myself. My fear of rocking boats not only destroyed my relationship with her, but it left me wounded as well.

I am not here to tell you I have learned the lesson. Rather I am telling you I am in the class. I am learning, attempting to practice, and will hopefully one day have a better grip on the skill set. I know there will be times when I fail, especially when I am tired and overwhelmed, but I am making progress and moving toward the goal.

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