Monday, April 03, 2017

Sidewalk Chalk and Model trains

It's almost time to go back to work. I've had a fine stretch of days off and tomorrow I'll be ready to spend the day with my friend, to help her with meals, and sit in her room while she takes her nap. It will be a short week. I traded my normal Wednesday for another companion's Friday which will leave me with only 8 hours this week and 35 next. It all evens out in the end...

Yesterday's fun included sidewalk chalk. We drew in "Grandpa's Driveway." I almost feel guilty when we do because my dad never let us do that when we were kids. We could draw in the street, but he didn't like the mess too close to the house.

We went to the train show with a few of the kids in the early afternoon. Lots of tables full of train cars, tracks, and equipment, and a few tables with train displays running. It was fun and reminded me of the table in half my parents' attic. Dad built it especially for my brother's model train, but Dan lost interest. The train was packed in a box and set aside until my mom's friend and neighbor happened to mention how much her son wanted a train for Christmas. Mom had just the solution. I was a little sad when she sold it, but two years ago I learned it was the launching point for a life long love. That little boy grew up to be quite the train enthusiast...


  1. You know what? I don't think Dad minds anymore about you coloring in the driveway. He probably smiled from heaven.

    "Don't sweat the small stuff," is a good mantra that I wasn't always taught, but try to follow.

    1. I don't think he minds anymore either. Mom never did mind but stuck to Dad's rule. We were blessed with a wonderful street to draw our hopscotch boards, 4-square games, and pictures. And that lump charcoal made wonderful, albeit messy, chalk.