Monday, May 23, 2016

A California Post

An airplane can make California feel almost close enough to visit on a regular basis...

It was a busy week. I boarded a plane and set out for the west coast last Monday morning. My first stop was Baltimore, Maryland so I literally flew from sea to shining sea, from Atlantic to Pacific (Gee, the traffic is terrific...). I tried my best to sleep on the five hour cross country flight and I did catch my mouth hanging open a time or two, so I must have fallen asleep here and there. Ha ha!

I arrived in California a little after 11 am Pacific Coast Time. I'd already been up for 8 hours (if I'd managed to get any sleep at all at home) and we had the whole day ahead of us. I can't even remember what we did that day... maybe nothing, but I do remember taking a much needed nap and eating some very yummy pulled pork and cole slaw for supper.

On Tuesday Wanda and I set out in search of an AT&T store because my prepaid phone had failed to renew for the month. That will happen when one gets a new debit card... We checked out some thrift stores and decided Savers is way too pricey for used items. The thrift store we visited with Don on Wednesday was my favorite. I didn't buy much but it was a great place to wander about looking even if the aisles were full of shoppers. After our thrifty adventure, we went to In-N-Out Burger for lunch.I like In-N-Out Burger.

On Thursday Don and Wanda took me to the Glendale Galleria. We didn't spend any time inside the mall, but headed instead to the little park with a pond surrounded by smaller shops and stores. It was a wonderful little place to wander about with a camera.

The Cheese- cake Factory was on the agenda, so when lunchtime arrived we headed over there and found a quiet booth to enjoy some food and dessert. I took a cute photo of Don and Wanda after which my camera informed me to "Change the battery pack." Unfortunately, I'd left the backup battery pack at home in my suitcase.

Not all was lost. I eventually remember my Nook which was tucked away in my backpack. I couldn't manage to get online with it at the apartment, but was successful in the galleria Barnes and Nobel. I took a few photos of lunch and then uploaded them to my Facebook after our meal when we made a return trip to the giant bookstore. One massive piece of cheesecake was shared by the three of us. Oh, yummy! I decided my Nook works pretty good for taking photos in a pinch.

Don and Wanda have learned how to beat the Los Angeles freeway traffic, so after our meal and a trip to the top of the parking garage elevator for a bird's eye view of the area, we headed back to the car and on home again.Don told me that was LA back on the hill in the distance. It was a bit hazy that day and a little hard to see but pretty just the same. And again, not too bad a picture considering it was taken with my Nook.


  1. What a wonderful "re-cap" of our week. The memories to linger. I realized today, Bible Study is tomorrow and I hadn't even looked at the lesson. Oh well, I chose to bake a batch of cookies instead of study. Used the leftover pineapple to make my own version of "Pineapple Salsa"....not too bad. Going to put it on Tuna Burgers tonight. Wish you were here. Hugs.

    1. Pineapple salsa on tuna burgers sounds yummy. And cookies? Well, that's a pretty important thing to have around your house. Lots of little, and not so little, mouths to eat them. I've another California blog to write and post tomorrow. Can't forget the sweater fiasco or our trip to Monrovia. Wish I was there too, but then, I'm sure Don is glad to have his bed back.

    2. HaHa I know you are not Josiah....when I read Don your reply...he said you're funny....we both miss you.

    3. I forgot to get on the other browser. Oops.

    4. I am signed into my google account on one browser and my Facebook on the other.

    5. PS. It's nice to be missed.