Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Arrival

Our Minnesota family arrived late this morning with one hungry and tired little boy. He wasn't too sure about this strange place, but after a drink of milk, a little bit of lunch, and a nap, he was smiling again.

We're taking it easy this evening, watching "A Christmas Wish" and drinking tea while the little guy wanders about kicking giant Lego bricks, making the dog a little bit nervous and checking out the light switches. He's too much cuteness wrapped up in one package!


  1. Glad they made it safely! He IS awefully cute! :)

  2. Oh he's beyond adorable. Just so cute. You caught so many faces. Love them all. Makes me miss Tristan all the more. How we love our grandkids.. Huh?

  3. How did he grow up so fast? My goodness...running around...I lost some time there and thought he would be crawling! Lol....

    He will always be a bit special, I think...being the out of town grandchild. So fun!

    1. They really do grow up too fast. And this one is off the charts as far as height goes. He's probably as tall as Jakie. And yes, he will always be special as the out of town grandchild.