Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Lucas didn't stay today, but was here long enough for some cousin time with Josh. James took my van keys to work this morning. I borrowed Bethany's rental car when she went to work. Josh went with me to pick Troy up from preschool and the three of us enjoyed lunch at The Candy Kitchen. Troy and Josh shared a kid's meal of apple sauce, grilled cheese, chips and chocolate milk. Josh smiled all the way home from lunch because he had a friend in the backseat with him. It was cute. Today was a beautiful day. I tied Sofie outside on her leash for a little while. When I returned to check on her, I found that her collar had come undone and she wasn't tied at all. Thankfully she was still there. I'm tired of cheap dog collars. Tonight I am tired. Probably from all that stressing over my hair.


  1. Josh looks like he's comparing the size of his hand to Lucas's hand. Very cute picture.

  2. The boys are just so adorable!!!

    Don't stress on the hair, tie on a cute skarf!