Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In a Pickle

Today I am trying my hand at making bread and butter pickles. I have never made pickles in my life but since I have an abundnce of fresh little cucumbers, I figured it was time I try. It was really quite easy and they do taste pretty good, if you are a sewwt pickle kind of person. I do love sweet pickles, especiallly the bread and butter kind. But then again, there is sometimes nothing nicer than a nice crisp dill pickle... Maybe I'll try those next time.

Pickles weren't the only thing going into jars in my kitchen today. I also made three batches of blueberry jam. That translates into about 18 jars. I can hear the lids popping in the kitchen as they seal. I am still selling berries out front and will be for some time to come. There are tons of berries still ripening and lots of green ones too. Tonight, after supper when it starts to cool down, I will go out and pick some more.

Rachel came out for a little visit and to get some berries this morning and Steven came along. We decided that since we each had only one child (Mike was with a friend and Ben has gone on the retreat) we should go up to the CK to have some lunch together. My headache is gone and it is turning out to be a productive day.


  1. It was a productive day for you wasn't it? How did James like the pickles?

    I didn't get too much done around here, but we did swim when we got home, then ate dinner, then swam again, and then Steven and I went on one of our long bike rides. Now I sit here trying to blog and scratch Michael's mosquito bites on his back at the same time. He was playing football in the yard with Dave while I was riding bikes with Steven, and he got chomped. He did make some spectacular catches though.

  2. James did like the pickles but he prefers dill. Next time that's what I'll make.

  3. Ohhhh!!! I always wanted to try making bread and butter pickles! Yum! You are turning into quite the little Suzie homemaker!

  4. How do you make pickles anyway?