Friday, March 07, 2014

Kids and Plans

Life forces us back into the normal routine fairly quickly. Yesterday and today I had a houseful of noisy, boisterous children. They have no clue I am tired, nor do they understand why my patience so easily wears thin. They are just being kids, running, yelling, and bickering. Even "Lilo and Stitch" didn't keep them quiet for long.

For the last couple of months we have had small children overnight 3-4 nights each week and so even some of our evenings are crazier than that to which we are accustomed. Toys are perpetually scattered across the floor and there is constant chatter. I must often remind myself that these days are few and should be savored.. Tonight two small children "helped" their daddy wash dishes. By the time I grabbed my camera, one was down and crying. It was a moment missed.

I've decided to add visiting to my weekly routine. I have Monday's off, and both Tuesday and Wednesday only one small child keeps me company all day. For as long as I am able, I hope to plan one day each week to visit someone. I already have several people in mind and could probably come up with someone different to visit each and every week if I really put my mind to it. Imagine being able to touch and encourage fifty-two people in one year. Talk about random acts of kindness! What an opportunity!!! I'm already planning my visit for next week.


  1. I like your visit idea. :) 52 lives touched. What a great way of looking at it! I was just thinking that I think I'll call Lydia to go out to lunch next week. I'm going to try to do that once a month. I know she'll love it.

    The other Martha lost her dad last night. That makes three of my blog friends losing a family member in just a week's time!

    When Jeff's dad died, we'd only been married for 5 years...both worked full time and didnt have kids. He died suddenly at age 61 and we were all devastated. I remember having to go back to work and had this strange feeling that the world was still zooming along and life just kept moving and I didn't want it to. I felt like the whole world just stand still for a while. I'll never forget that feeling, so I do empathize with you having to jump back into a crazy routine when your heart and mind don't feel like it. Maybe it's good, in a way...but still hard.

    Love all of your dish washers there...very cute pictures.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about Martha's dad. I've seen a lot of friends lose parents these past few months too. Strange to think we're now the "elders" in the family.

      I'm looking forward to going visiting. I have two aunts who live about 15 minutes away, along with two of my dad's cousins, and my best friend's mom. I could even walk across the street to visit my neighbors. They're in their eighties. I think visiting Lydia would be a wonderful thing for you to do.

      Yes, they're cute little dishwashers.

  2. I, too, enjoyed your sweet photos. What a grand idea to visit someone each week. I have two elderly friends that I visit regularly. I cherish our times together.
    I have lost both parents, so I understand how difficult it is to suddenly be "free," May God continue to bless you. Mildred

    1. I must purpose to not only love, but enjoy the little ones who grace my home each week. I must remember that toys are not dirt, but jewels, precious items scattered across my floor.

      "Free". I have longed for freedom often and dreaded it all the same.

  3. Enjoy your weekend...
    Hopefully I will be on your list for the summer!
    Linda :o)