Monday, March 10, 2014

A Sleepy Day

We are expecting a good old fashioned March snowstorm this week. March just wouldn't be March without a last winter punch. This year's late winter snowstorm is scheduled to arrive late Tuesday and on into Wednesday. After that the snow can melt and spring will be on it's way.

To- morrow, after Ladies' Prayer and Bible study, I have a lunch date with one of Mom's old friends. She knew my mom before I was born and my brother used to play with her little ones. They were the children who knocked on the door looking for my brother and when he wasn't home asked my mom if she could play instead.

Tonight I'll be taking that dose of Benadryl again before I go to bed, otherwise my mind just spins and I find myself tossing and turning the night away. Today I picked up some paperwork, paid the funeral home, and made some phone calls to get the process started on closing some accounts. It is pretty much up to me to settle Mom's estate. Maybe when I get some of those things settled my mind will be more at rest.


  1. Enjoy your lunch....get some sleep ♥️

    Linda :o)

    1. I got a good night's rest, and we had a very nice lunch.