Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Slippery Days of Summer

Each week finds the weather feeling a little more fallish and my summer is fading fast. There are still several items not checked off my summer list...

*Read a book
*Go to Canada
*Hit the beach
*Camp out overnight
*Go fishing
*Take a boat ride
*Go for a bike ride
*Play miniature golf
*Go wine tasting
*Ride a roller coaster

Some of these things will still happen, in fact, I am reading a book, recommended by my sister Priscilla, and enjoying it very much. It is "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand, the story of Louie Zamparini. I also have a bike ride planned... kind of... and the miniature golf course owned by some friends is just a few miles down the road. Tuesdays and Thursdays it's two for one. The beach isn't far and it's even closer if I don't plan to swim. There's still time for wine tasting in the Finger Lakes, and a boat ride could happen... I was giving up on the roller coaster ride when Hannah reminded me that the Mall of America in Minneapolis has a few. If I stretch summer a few weeks into September, I just might check that off my list too, along with meeting another blog friend who lives a short distance from my son.

Today I baked a peach pie. It very nicely turned my day of feeling unpro- ductive into a sweet bit of productivity. Gotta love a peach pie on an August evening, especially with whipped cream!


  1. Ooooh...your pie looks perfect! yum!

    My list is going until summer is officially over, on September 21st, when fall begins. I have a few things to do, too, but never intended summer to end with August! ha.

    1. I always have a tendency to think of the start of school as the beginning of fall, but I really know it doesn't work that way. Summer should always start with Memorial Day and last through the end of September.

  2. You are the best little pie maker, Martha!
    If...and when...you come to Canada...tuck one in your suitcase!

    Linda :o)

    1. I will try to do that. :)
      One of our cousins in Toronto is looking for one too. Maybe I'll have to pack up two and head that direction.

  3. Great book! And if you haven't read it, "The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young is another good one!

    I wanna visit and stuff myself with pie and fresh veggies so bad...being at your house looks like it would be amazing!

    1. Yes, and you really should come and visit. I still say October, the first week or so, is the prettiest time, and it is absolutely full of pies!

  4. Way to go on the list!
    And what a yummy way to be productive!

    1. If only eating it didn't feel counterproductive...
      I have decided not to think about that though, and just enjoy my slices of warm pie and whipped cream. How could that not make me smile. :)

  5. I read Unbroken last year...or maybe it was 2 yrs ago when a small group friend recommended it. It was a great book that I found myself often unable to put down. Hope you're enjoying it!

    The pie looks delicious!!!