Friday, August 02, 2013

Grammy's House

We had two extra boys for the past two days. Josh and Jake stayed over night with Aunt Hannah while their mommy is gone on a business trip and daddy was working. This afternoon, while Aunt Hannah wasn't looking, Grammy took Jakie outside to play...


Little boys love sandboxes, and since our sandbox is fresh and clean, Grammy decided to let Jake have a little bit of fun. Do you think eleven months is old enough for a boy to play in the sandbox?

Grammy watched close, just in case the small child should chance to eat a handful of sand, but he was more interested in squeezing handfuls, checking out the sand toys, and getting his feet dirty... Well, he didn't decide to taste it for at least ten minutes, and then, all of the sudden, he popped a fistful into his mouth. I don't think he was pleased by the result.


  1. haha...he did great! Looks like a pro! :)

    1. it's a rite of passage to taste the sand, isn't it? ha.

    2. Yes, I suppose it is, and that is why every adult knows what it tastes like and how it feels between the teeth.