Sunday, August 11, 2013

Out for a Burger

This past Thursday Hannah and I decided to take the two sisters (Rocky and Wisdom) out for a ride. I drove down Lake Road toward Webster and thought we'd stop at the Webster Park pier where there is a nice little stony beach. We had no sooner pulled into the parking area, with the windows rolled down, then we decided to leave. Sometimes the lake just smells nasty and it was one of those times. Yuck!

After visiting the campground play area, we headed out to look for Gosnell Big Woods Preserve, but ended up at Vosburg Hollow instead. The girls seem to enjoy walking in the woods and Webster has a treasure chest of trails to follow.There isn't any need to travel a great distance when there is so much area to explore in our backyard.

Since we left home just before lunch time, we were all hungry after our walk, so we took the girls to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I could have really splurged and bought everyone a lunch all their own, but I know better. I got the girls a "little burger" with ketchup and split it in half. Hannah and I split a regular sized burger with lots of trimmings, and we all shared a medium order of fries. Hannah and I each had our own drink and the girls split a third one. We ate outside because it's summer and
eating outside is so much more fun than eating inside with air conditioning. The weather has been so nice that outside is perfect every afternoon; perfect for woods walking and perfect for eating outside. Besides, when a small girl falls down, puts a hole in her knee, and spills her entire drink on the ground, the situation is easily remedied.

I have to say, it was a very nice day and I am eager to get out there again and find those 350 year old trees at Gosnell Big Wood Preserve, or maybe hop on a bike and ride the Hojack Trail. (Used to ride along part of that on motorcycles many years ago...)


  1. Love 5 guys...
    Only been once...bit I really enjoyed it!
    Too bad about the stinky Lake...
    We noticed it on Friday...I think it had been very rough all week, and things were really stirred up!!
    What sweet looking little girl!

    Linda :o)

    1. And Five Guys has vinegar for their fries!
      I'm hoping the stink goes away soon and we can enjoy a day at the lake. Just not the same when we have to plug our noses.
      Yes, she does look sweet, doesn't she? And she can be. We love her.

  2. Yum...another thing off your list! I didn't put it on my list, but I did it! In fact, last week I called to see of T & L were home and took their orders for Burger King. It was fun to drop in on them and bring lunch.

    We have a Five Guys...very tasty! I could eat one right now, in fact. haha.

    1. So glad T & L are close by. I think you will have a lot of fun with them. Most of mine are close, but I have such a hard time keeping up with everyone. It was nice to have Joe show up unexpectedly yesterday.

      I like Five Guys and splitting a burger with Hannah was perfect. I especially like putting vinegar on my fries. It's yummy.

  3. Someday I hope we can visit your lake. Here's hoping it's not when it's stinky! :D

    1. You really should visit. Here's hoping on this end that the lake isn't stinky.