Monday, August 12, 2013

Pickin' and Grinnin'

Gardens are fun, especially when vegetables actually grow.

We have had zucchini and yellow squash coming out of our ears the past couple weeks. We have cooked it up with peppers and onions, put it in spaghetti, and made Meatballs Espanol. (How do you like that? Mom's old recipe is online...) I have baked it in a pie, shredded it into pancakes, and made it into bread. We have given it away to friends and family, and stuffed our refrigerator with it. I am wondering how in the world I ever paid for even one small squash at the grocery store.

Last week I sliced up a ton of cucumbers and made Bread and Butter pickles. Yesterday I made another smaller batch. Although I have more than enough cukes, I think it has been weeks since we ate tossed salad on a regular basis.

We have probably close to 50 pepper plants, most of which are some kind of hot pepper or chile. At least six are regular green bell peppers. We could never keep up with them if we had to eat them fresh, but we know what to do with chile peppers. Just turn on the grill and roast them up. When they cool off, store them in plastic bags and toss them in the freezer. They are wonderful in soups, sandwiches, eggs, and fried potatoes.

And... way out back, where the hedgerow used to be, the blackberries are growing. They aren't quite ready for picking just yet, but I definitely see some blackberry jam in our future. I had some company out there Saturday afternoon.

PS. On Friday evening we had dinner with our son and daughter in law and enjoyed some time with the grandchildren. They are a busy, noisy, fun-loving bunch! And that granddaughter is irresistible.


  1. Hooray! For veggies and grandkids!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous! I just have a baby garden...a couple plants of each thing. ha.
    Zucchini is amazing, isn't it? They can triple in size overnight and hide from you until they are blimps. lol...

    My favorite way to make it is to saute it in olive oil with onion and garden tomatoes..add salt, garlic, italian seasoning and parmesan.

    And my zucchini pie is good...haven't made that myself yet. yum. It's on the list, though...well, not THE list, but the list in my head of what to make for dinner. :)

    1. I am overwhelmed with how pretty the garden is this year, and we didn't even plant beans! Next year I will need to have a better plan on how to preserve the produce. I'm afraid my freezer isn't quite big enough for everything I might want to put in there.

  3. I am like Betsy...small veggie garden...
    Yours is fantastic, Martha...
    I think most people have the same problem...too much all at once! ha!

    Linda :o)

    1. I have had years where two or three zucchini plants produced next to nothing. This year they're all fairly prolific and we probably have about seven.
      If only I could pick just enough for today and tomorrow's vegetables wouldn't grow to enormous in the meantime. :)
      Maybe I should just be thankful we didn't plant beans.

  4. You just never know with gardens, right? We really need to put up tomatoes, but this year (at least so far) they aren't producing very much. They probably need the heat we usually, but not this year, get. We do have plenty of cucumbers, so our pickle supply is being replenished. The sweet corn is also great this year, so the freezer is full again.
    Brittany has zucchini... maybe I'll try the meatball recipe!

    I get to see our grandson next week! Glad you could have a fun time with your nearby family.

    1. I am wondering if our big tomatoes will ever get ripe. By the time they do tomato sandwich season will be over. :(