Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unsteady Steps

Not so very long ago she held our hands to steady our steps...

My cousin works for the neighboring town. Late this morning she met me at the town loan closet and I came back home with a walker for my mom. It took no convincing Mom of its usefulness. She certainly seems relieved to have a more reliable support than the cane given to her at the after hours medical center Sunday night. I'd originally hoped the cane would be sufficient, but as the days passed it became apparent that neither Mom nor I were comfortable with her mobility level and the cane wasn't doing the job we hoped it could.

This business of "getting old" stuff is really hard. All those family photos of Mom are suddenly becoming completely nostalgic, and I find myself missing the woman in the photographs, the one who held us steady. Sometimes I'm not certain I can ever fill those shoes.


  1. So glad you found a walker nice and quickly! Love that sweet. My mom had a green swim suit very similar to that. :)

    1. When I was a little girl I thought her swim suit was ugly, but I like it now. :)

  2. Hey, did I say you could post sexy bikini pictures of me online? ;)

    Glad Mom is feeling more steady with the use of a walker. Hopefully her pain goes away soon. We will try and take good care of her next week.