Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Everyday Adventures

I was distracted, not really paying attention when she said it. "This is my lip gloss." It should have commanded my attention, but the endless chatter doesn't always register right away. Thankfully, her sister was paying attention. And luckily, the markers are washable.


  1. As I sad before...
    That is TOOOOO funny!
    How adorable is that face?

    Great post, Martha!

    Linda :o)

  2. Yikes!! Caregiver surprise!

    This happened to us in the church child care one Sunday. It was contagious. After more than two children had done it, the washable markers were quickly confiscated. Now, I always make sure to give only crayons and at that only one or two, not the whole bin!!

    Such an innocent face!!

    1. She can put on the innocent look, especially here. In fact, I've never seen her look so innocent.

      I can just imagine a roomful of green, blue, and purple lipped children. It's funny on one hand, and not so funny on the other.

      Yes, I think we'll be reverting back to crayons with Rocky. She's also lost her chewing gum privileges. That's what happens when you stick it in the car seat next to you. :P