Friday, August 16, 2013

Beat Means Whooped

"I'm beat! Beat means whooped." So said my small son one day. It's probably been 28 years since then, but the line has stayed with me all these years, tucked away in a momma's memory. I often think of it when I am totally exhausted, and I am totally exhausted.

It's been a long week, made a little longer by the fact that I've had a stiff and achy neck for the past two days. Did you know that pain really does a number on one's patience level? The pain comes and goes, perhaps along with my stress level, and perhaps along with the taking and waring off of ibuprofen. Sometimes it doesn't hurt much at all, and at other moments, like just before I am driven to the bottle of pain reliever, I can't move my head without feeling the pain. Perhaps what I really need is a relaxing weekend, except I'm not sure there's enough time in a weekend to relax...


  1. Pain is a terrible thing. You get on top of it.
    All the best.
    Love those old memories of kids. My daughter turned 34 yesterday. Just love them.
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario

    1. I'm feeling much better today, Jennifer, thank you.
      My son will be 32 in September. Can't believe it!

  2. Don't you love those little kid lines that stay with you the rest of your life? We have a few. So fun.