Saturday, May 01, 2010


This is my daughter in law. Several years ago I told her she was my favorite daughter in law and she rolled eyes at me and said, "I'm your ONLY daughter in law." I told her that she could ALWAYS be my favorite, and when another one comes along, I will tell that one she is my favorite, then wink at Leta and she will know she is really my favorite daughter in law.

Leta works hard and is always giving of herself to others. Though I know it is often difficult, she does a wonderful job of taking care of my mother. She looks out for her well being, makes sure she takes her medications, keeps the house clean, and checks Mom's oxygen tanks whenever she goes out. I sincerely hope my mom realizes what a wonderful gift it is to have Dave and Leta living with her.

Along with being a wonderful daughter in law, Leta is a loving wife to my son and mommy to two of my little grandsons. She puts up with Dave's shenanigans and helps him in any way she can. She takes tender care for her precious little ones. I am blessed to have her in my family and call her mine.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, LETA!(I know it's still a ways off but I'm getting a head start.)


  1. Ya are sounding a tad possessive there.. good for you!

  2. Hey, she's my daughter in law too!

  3. She is also my favorite of your daughter in-laws :). I've been enjoying the pictures of Simon and can't wait to at least get a look at him! Lucas is looking much bigger all of a sudden.

  4. What a special lady, Leta is!

    I have one son, and one daughter in law... she is my favorite... I call her the daughter of my heart!

    Martha, I will wish you a early Mother's Day, as we will be in Tahoe Mother's day and I'm not sure if the lap top will work there!

    BTW those boys are so cute!

  5. She is a sweet and caring person, and I love her too.

  6. Happy Mother's Day to Leta! She sure is a special daughter-in-law to take such good care of your Mom, your boy, and her boys!