Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little Gardens

So today I went to the garden store and bought some vegetable plants; peppers, cucumbers, squash, and celery. I picked up some flowers too, marigolds and alyssum. Bethany had already given me some tomato plants, grape tomatoes and beefsteak. We mixed up some new garden soil in my garden boxes, covered the dirt with landscape fabric to keep the cats out, and then I planted my gardens.

Planting vegetables always brings back childhood memories of Dad and his big vegetable garden. Today was no exception. It was Dad last year who suggested I try planting a square-foot garden. He was such an encouragement when it came to growing things, always excited with our success. I hope this year's garden is one that would make him proud.


  1. We have some of the same. Two tomato plants, and I picked up a flat of Merrigolds and made a border in one round flowerbed.

    I really don't have space for a real garden.

  2. I've no doubt that you and your garden would make him proud.

  3. Very nice! I feel behind as I haven't put the garden in yet. I'm waiting on The Mister to run the tiller through it. Hate waiting on others, but I can't run it myself.

    I've always loved marigolds! And I've never grown celery! I may have to try that.