Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hula Hoops and Hannah

In my attempt to find something for little girls to do outside, I stopped at the Dollar General and purchased a few cheap hula hoops. Unfortunately, they are a little on the light side and tough to keep spinning. (Did I mention they were cheap?) Oh well, the girls find them fun and pretty and that is what counts. Vinegar, of course, finds them funny. He laughed at Hannah spinning one on her arm. That baby has a silly sense of humor.

Rather than giving the girls bottles of bubbles today, Hannah blew bubbles for them. I think I need to add a little soap to the solution as these bubbles disappear faster than they can be made. There's scarcely time to chase them before they all pop. I must look up that recipe for homemade bubbles...


  1. Both look like lots of fun! I bet you can find a recipe online.

  2. How fun! I bet all the kids want to come to your house!

  3. Got to Starbucks this morning and getting on line with a strong signal. Yeah.

    Love the pictures, and also your daily prayer.

    My friend's daughter Stefani, looks so much like Hannah they could be sisters. Probably around the same age, size and hair color... I did a double take!