Friday, May 07, 2010

Funny Guy

This little guy always makes me laugh with his laugh. He typically has a rather serious look on his face, but when he's tickled over something there's no mistaking it. I have heard him laugh at Sofie, they're good friends, but his giggling had everyone curious today. There was Hannah, tossing Beanie Babies at him, and he found it absolutely hilarious. Most funny was what happened just after my camera batteries died... The Beanie Baby Collie landed on his head and stayed there! It was hilarious. Too bad I didn't charge those batteries yesterday.


  1. He is funny! Nice to finally meet him.

  2. How cute! I love hearing a giggling baby.

  3. I wish your batteries hadn't died!
    Thank you for sharing -- oh how this world needs the sweetness and purity of babies!

  4. That is too cute!

    Happy Mother's Day, Martha!...and to you mother, too! :)