Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, Monday...

My little ones came tired this morning. They wanted to play nice together, but couldn't quite do it. They squabbled... Bella sulked... Em poured on a bit of drama... I finally had enough, gave each of them a pillow, and told them it was time for a nap. It was 9:15 am and they were shocked. I should probably mention that I was feeling just as tired and cranky as they. I was wishing for an excuse to lay back and close my eyes for half an hour and the little darlings provided the perfect opportunity.

After about a half hour of quiet time, Em asked if she could get up. We were all feeling better and decided to take a ride to the library and find some good books. First we went to the library in Ontario and then the one in Williamson. There was no more fighting. Back home we ate some lunch; Em had tomato soup and Bella had chicken noodle (I can't get either one to eat both...), and then we settled down on the couch to read our books.

(We have ordered a swing set! How fun and exciting!!!)

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  1. I'm so glad it worked. Good job on the element of surprise Mom!