Monday, May 17, 2010

Color Changing Tulips and Garden Competition

I have a small group of tulips that start out yellow and gradually turn red, at least that is what they did last year. I have not noticed other tulips changing, just these. Kind of funny because the red starts out along the very edge of each flower and travels along until it fills each petal almost entirely.

I tried doing some work outside today. I lopped lilacs, burned branches, and chased children. I had thought to dig dandelions but didn't get to that, in fact I never finished lopping lilacs either.

I have some rather stiff competition in my flower gardens. The gardens are full of weeds, weeds with long tap roots that grow deep into the soil. Pulling them out is impossible and digging them out is almost out of the question too. One of these days I will muster up some gumption and plan an attack, but not today.


  1. Funny how the roots of things we don't want go a lot deeper than those we want to keep.

    In life too... I think!

  2. Yes, Wanda. I had the same thought.

  3. They both look beautiful ;-)

  4. Love Wanda's thought here! The thistle roots are the worst! ha.

    Those tulips are beautiful! I've never heard of them changing colors like that! I need to work outside but we're having our fourth day of rain! It's going to be a jungle!