Thursday, May 06, 2010


It is a gorgeous spring day and I am afraid to go outside. Doctors say that if one has allergies they must avoid exposure to that particular allergen. I wonder if they know that tree pollen is impossible to avoid? Have they forgotten that is blows about in the wind? Quite honestly, I am not sure how to tell if I am simply being assaulted by pollen or am just plain sick.

I neglected to take my camera out into the world when everything was in full bloom. Now the blossoms are falling, some blown off in the wind and others washed away by last night's rain. Across the road on the other side of the new orchard is a blueberry patch, and beyond that young apple trees. James and I have taken several long orchard walks this spring but each time I have left my camera at home. He thinks it is a distraction to me and we have such nice talks when my attention is not diverted. One day I will take it along and maybe catch some deer or a turkey.

My backyard is quickly becoming overgrown as my gardens are neglected due to icy winds and allergies. I am hoping to purchase a swing set in the very near future so that "Willow," "Fern," and "Ivy" will have a place to play. Of course, I will probably be much more excited about it than they.


  1. What memories that picture gives me. A swing hanging from a tree.

    I sure hope your allergies get better soon...

  2. You are so funny, c/o allergies to tree pollen and in the same breath talk about walks in the fruit tree orchards.
    It is kinda sad though, you either must suffer the allergies or sleep the season away if you take medicine. I thank God that I am not afflicted with that problem.
    hope your mom is well, she is on my mind a lot lately.

  3. Judi, I take allergy medicine all year long. It is the actual allergies that make me sleepy, not the medicine. I am allergic to local spring, summer, and fall pollens which include grass, trees, and mold. My orchard walks did not leave me sneezing until round about the end of last week. Spring is my roughest season and maybe one of the reasons I like fall better.

    Thanks, Wanda!

  4. I hope tomorrow's a better day. :\