Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Bees Knees and Bubbles

Can you guess what's in those cute little boxes? They aren't apple crates, but I do believe they just left one of the local orchards. I would not want to be in the vicinity if that truck were to have an accident. (Reminds me of an old movie...) We followed it down the highway for a while before it turned off down another road. What's in those boxes? I'll give you another hint. Can you see what it says on the mud flaps? "Buy USA Honey" Bzzzzz...

While at the store last week I bought a package of bubbles, eight little bottles wrapped up together. Of course, everyone wanted the pink one... We took them outside where I foolishly gave each girl (there were three) a container of bubbles. Yes, I do know better... I no sooner opened the third bottle when the "wiggly girl" had spilled her's all over the back steps. Soon after she managed to spill half of the bottle belonging to girl number 2. Only the pink bottle remained unspilled.

Next time I purchase bubbles, I am going for the big bottle and I'm going to pour it in a dish so they can share without the danger of getting my steps soaped. It was lunchtime anyway...


  1. Perhaps your steps need washing?

  2. Bee time...
    Love those little darlings with their bubbles... they sure do make the walkways slippery.

    Can't always get on line...but tonight it working.

    Glad to get a visit it. Yes, we have warm blankets and the cabin is toasty and we had a sunset to die for a few minutes ago. It will be a Sky Watch Friday.

  3. Perhaps, Priscilla...

    Wanda, I am glad you are staying warm and toasty. :)

  4. bubbles...ugh. I bought Charlotte Claire a "spillproof" bubblemug for her birthday...we'll see...they love bubbles.