Friday, May 21, 2010

Being Discovered

In the midst of chasing children... uh, I mean "tending flowers"... I have been attempting to do a little bit of gardening and lawn maintenance. While pruning dead lilac blossoms the other night, I discovered a robin's nest. I would probably have not noticed at all had the silly bird not made all kinds of noise in her haste to distract me.

The nest, though nicely hidden, is not in the best of locations. I fear the little fledglings may never live past their days in the nest. Three cats prowl the grassy area just beyond the lilac bushes. They sleep in the shade, wait in the shadows, and soak up the sunshine. They live here. Yes, I am quite certain these little birds are doomed. It's all too sad.


  1. What a perfect little nest and eggs, some times the cycles of life and death are painful, even for little birds with cat's waiting in the wings.

    As Forest was told to Run..... I say little birds FLY.......

  2. :(. Now why would that silly mama build her nest there? You would think she would have known that wouldn't be a good spot. You'll probably find one of those little birds on the floor in your house someday, "hidden" somewhere.