Wednesday, May 05, 2010

News From The Kleenex Box

Maple, Ash, and Juniper; these are the big allergy culprits right now. Funny, I would have thought maple pollen to be gone by the time the leaves appeared, but according to my local "pollen watch" it is not. Well meaning friends suggest all kinds of relief and I have tried most of them, even the Neti Pot, which I did not find helpful enough to warrant torturing myself with. Had it actually alleviated my symptoms, I would try again, and if I get desperate enough, I may try again in spite of myself.

We are forecast to have a great thunder storm this evening which will hopefully wash some of the treacherous pollen from the air. Cooler temperatures will arrive with the rain and this should help too. In the meantime, my nose, which never ever runs, is training for a marathon. The tissues must be close at hand and in good supply.

I am trying to be positive although I feel miserable. I took a good long nap while the girls were at preschool this morning, just so I wouldn't be quite so cranky, and am trying to drink plenty of fluids. In a week or so most of the discomfort will be gone and I will be feeling better again, I hope.


  1. Oh I hate allergies ~~ they are the worst! I suffered like you are now when we lived up north and the Almond trees would bloom, and especially when they harvested them, Oh my the dust....

    I'm doing so much better down here.. only have to carry a kleenex box around when the winds is really bad.

    Hope you're feeling better real soon.

  2. Right now I'm in the red zone.

  3. I take allergy shots, but I am still feeling some of your pain...if that's any consolation. Even my allergy shots didn't like me today, I had an asthmatic reaction, my mouth got all itchy, and I had to sit in the office forever until they finally let me go.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I'm right there with you! I was thinking I was better this morning but crashed this afternoon with horrible itchy eyes and sneezing. ugh. Another reason I love winter! ha.