Friday, May 28, 2010

Sliding Along

The swing set arrived yesterday. James pulled the box open last night and today we decided to make use of the slide. It was a nice day and the girls were excited. We propped the slide on the picnic table and the girls thought it was great. Lucas was here and he found it fun too. Soon they will have not only a slide but swings too. How much fun is that?


  1. Exciting now.... but funny yesterday when I was at my son's home, the fort, swings, and slide my son built for them many years ago, looks forlorn and full of spiderwebs.

    However, the trampoline, was full of teenage kids and a big boxer!

    Being small they will enjoy it for years.

  2. Some neighbors of ours called earlier in the week and offered to buy our swing-set, knowing that our kids are older and hardly ever using it now. We talked it over as a family and took them up on it. They came over today and got it.

    My backyard looks a little empty now. I'm so used to seeing it! A little bitter sweet.