Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day weekend. There will be picnics, parties, and parades, and hopefully, amidst the celebrations, we will not forget why this day has been set aside. It is a day to remember.

I glanced at the newspaper online yesterday morning before church and came across an article about two brothers who discovered each other in the same MASH unit during the Korean War.
The darker haired brother is the only man, other than my father, who I ever really called "Dad". I haven't seen him for almost thirty years now, but his daughter Ruth and I were best friends in school. I knew he had been to Vietnam but didn't know he had also been in the Korean War. (You can find the article, if you're interested, here.)

I'm not sure what I will do this Memorial Day or where exactly it will take me, but I am hoping to do some remembering and possibly to place a flag in the cemetery out in Penfield.


  1. That was a very interesting article. I never knew that his parents divorced and he was separated from all of his siblings, very sad. How neat that he was reunited with his brother that way.

  2. I will read the article when the boys leave tonight.

    We decorated my front porch with red, white and blue flowers, and flags...Think I'll just leave it up for 4th of July!

    Don took the boys to the park...I needed a hour or two for the potato salad, hamburger patties, and cookies.

    And I didn't mention to Don, that I needed a few minutes on the computer!! hahaha

  3. Richard Miles is my biological grandfather. He abandoned his first wife and four children for a teenager.

    1. I did know that Mr. Miles had other children, but I am not familiar with the circumstances that separated them. I saw photographs of the other children when I was a child. I know the youngest was named Lupe. I'm not sure what else to say except that I have fond memories of my other "dad" and his second family. They were like second parents for a while while Ruth and I were inseparable in junior high school, but I lost contact with them after I got married. They were wonderful people.I went to the service in the cemetery after he passed away and everyone was surprised to see me there.